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Now that's the sort of smack that leaves a bruise... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2009|07:27 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

 I wouldn't call myself emo by any means, but I know the emo scene has a few budding photographers who might be interested in this. ^^

Hello everybody.

I'm an amatuer model and was looking to add to my portfolio - I'm not looking for a professional photographer, just somebody with a keen eye and a half-decent camera who would be willing to play around a bit.

I was thinking this could be a good learning experience for both me as a model and the other person as a photographer, no money involved, just getting the hang of things better.

My modelling is more in the vein of dark/obscure/gothic, and even horror. I do my own hair, makeup and clothing, unless you would like me to look otherwise. I can also bring along fake blood if needed.

I'll consider absolutely anybody.

Pictures/measurements/sizes on request.

Please email me or contact me via MSN on KindestDemon@hotmail.com.

Thank you!
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2008|10:42 am]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

Hi all, I thought some of you might be interested in this, particularly as a way of meeting new people in the Brisbane area:

Makers Group – Carindale library

Are you a maker? Do you paint, craft, make models, build robots, grow your own veges, keep chooks, make your own clothes, sculpt, write stories, illustrate or do anything else creative or home grown?

Come and join fellow Makers at the Carindale library every second Tuesday from 12-4pm, starting September 2nd.

Each week a volunteer from the group will hold an informal workshop on a favorite maker project. The first workshop will be Coptic Binding and Book Making with Renee Dillon, a local artist.

Book a place or just show up.  Absolutely everyone is welcome!

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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2007|02:48 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

You know it's that time of year again, and of course Dr Sketchy's never fails to deliver presents that will bring a smile to your face!

This Wednesday we are very pleased indeed to present a very special DOUBLE ACT for Dr Sketchy's.

FRESH from their star performance at the Burlesque Ball - it's Tigerlil and Derek. Those lucky enough to be at the ball will no doubt fondly remember their routine, with Tigerlil a very saucy lion-tamer and Derek her acrobatic misbehaving lion. It was a routine that had many jaws agape and thunderous applause was the natural reaction!

They will be gracing us with their presence this Wednesday and it will be an excellent way to see out 2007. Don't miss this one!

More info at drsketchybne
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2007|02:08 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane is going strong - if you haven't checked it out yet, you should!

More info can be found at our livejournal community: drsketchybne
In a nutshell - it's a life drawing class. In a private room in a pub, where you're allowed to drink, and laugh, and there's music. And instead of a boring, silent nude the models are crazy circus stars, gorgeous burlesque queens and other fab creatures.. sound like fun?? It is!!

We have exciting stuff coming up:

On Wednesday 3rd October, our model will be Lux LaMort - she is an amazing curvaceous ballerina (yes there is such a thing and needs to be seen to be believed!), a burlesque sensation not to be missed!

On Wednesday 17th October we will be having a "Twisted Fairy Tale" theme with the gorgeous Lava Lee. This sultry siren will lead us down the garden path, just make sure you don't get eaten by a big bad wolf!

And on Halloween Night we will be going all out!! There is going to be a Halloween DOUBLE BILL that you won't soon forget. More details coming soon!

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Come "Talk like a Pirate" at Dr Sketchys on the 19th September! [Sep. 15th, 2007|12:36 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

Hello Lovely Art Monkeys!!

As many of you would (hopefully) be aware, the next Dr Sketchy's on Wed 19th September is at our fabulous new venue at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow and features the amazing burlesque comic Miss Kitty Conquest!

What you might *not* know.. is that the 19th of September just happens to be "Talk Like a Pirate Day"... well we will never let a chance for silliness like this pass us by, oh no!! Not for all the treasure in the deep blue sea!

So bring your tricorns, parrots and wooden legs... and lets ring in our new venue in with some piratical Art Monkey Shenanigans!!!

If you haven't grabbed yourself a ticket, here's your chance:

Just as it can be a long time on the lonely ocean between short, blissful bouts of shore leave.... It can be a long time between doses of Dr Sketchy's, we know.. but there's lots of ways to keep in touch to tide you over! There's our Livejournal Community www.drsketchybrisbane.com , and the (filthy landlubbing dogs of) myspace www.myspace.com/drsketchybrisbane , and there's our section of the official worldwide Dr Sketchys forum

So, beloved Art Monkeys, don't be strangers... see all you hale and hearty souls of the sea on the 19th!

PS: Anyone who shows up as a Ninja will be KEELHAULED! And not in a fun way! :P

Flyer under the Cut!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2007|09:29 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

Your Dr Sketchy's Update for the week:

The next Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Brisbane is on Wed 19th September at our swanky new venue, the Elephant and Wheelbarrow Hotel!

We will be enjoying a Vaudeville theme with the lovely Miss Kitty Conquest as our model.

Check out http://www.drsketchybrisbane.com for more information.

Snap up your ticket here:

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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2007|03:55 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

Just a quick reminder, it's not too late to grab tickets for this Saturday - we will be finished just in time to catch the fireworks, so will make for a fun Saturday!! We have as our model the amazing Mistress Mandrella... if you have ever thought it would be fun to sketch a circus performer contortionist dominatrix you will *not* want to miss this!!

Dr Sketchy&apos;s Anti Art School Brisbane

Names of attendee(s):

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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2007|01:00 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

Hello everyone..

I am delighted to announce that we, due to popular demand, are now going to be running Dr Sketchy's Every Week!! Every second Wednesday night, and every second Saturday afternoon, to be exact.

On Saturday 1st September 3pm-6pm we have as our model the amazing Mistress Mandrella - she is an acrobatic, fantastic, circus-loving burleque dominatrix maven! This will be a session not to miss!! check her out at http://www.myspace.com/mandarella

On Wednesday 5th September 6pm-9pm we feature the gorgeous burlesque star Miss Bertie Page, who, in the words of one enthusiastic fan, is "A Judy-Garlandesque beauty with curves to die for and a voice to match!" She promises to be a delightful and delicious model indeed.. a taste of what's to come may be found at http://www.myspace.com/missbertie

And don't forget, Opening night, featuring none other than Burlesque Superstar Lola the Vamp is on Wednesday 22nd August and it's not too late to grab a ticket - if you're quick!! :-) You can buy a ticket by clicking the buttons on the profile page of our livejournal community drsketchybne or by going to our myspace page - http://www.myspace.com/drsketchybrisbane

See you there, Art Monkeys!

Dr Sketchy&apos;s Anti Art School Brisbane

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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2007|10:16 am]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

[Current Mood |artistic]

Abduction Productions, Triple J’s Full Metal Racket, Trasharama Film Festival
and Tsunami Magazine presents

Saturday 21st JULY 2007
The Arena Fortitude Valley Brisbane, Doors Open 5pm.

Australia’s heaviest bands, nihilistic video art,  short films, music videos and extreme dancers.

Abducted is not simply another metal show!

Abducted is an extreme music, horror festival, featuring twenty of Australia’s finest heavy music acts ranging from extreme death metal through to stoner rock. Plus gruesome video art, zombified short films and hardcore dancers. All spread across two large indoor stages and three levels at The Arena, Brisbane.

Abducted is supported by Trasharama, Australia’s nastiest film festival, who will be screening original Aussie gore, nasty short films and music videos. Abducted will also host the launch of metal DVD-zine “Up-Skirt”, featuring exclusive interviews with acts such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, The Amenta, Devolved and Parkway Drive plus unreleased music clips by Blood Duster, Alchemist and Frankenbok to name a few. Keep your eyes peeled for extreme dancers -Phluxus Dance Collective, roaming the venue. Expect blood, your fav metal tracks and hot chicks!

COMPETITIONS, punters who buy a ticket at www.arenaonline.com.au before 1st July go into the draw to win an autographed framed CANNIBAL CORPSE poster. Plus! Door prizes for best horror themed outfit. Prizes include movie passes, CD’s and DVD’s and will be awarded throughout the night during the gig!

Abducted is an event not to be missed by fans of Australian metal,
horror cinema, gothic and contemporary dance.

Two Indoor Stages 20 Bands 3 Levels

Blood Duster (VIC), Mortal Sin (NSW), Alchemist (ACT), Daysend (NSW), Pod People (ACT), Fuck Im Dead (VIC), Terrorust (VIC), Kill For Satan (ACT), Double Dragon (SA), Fort (NSW), Earth (VIC), Five Star Prison Cell (VIC), The Day Everything Became Nothing (VIC), Emperyean (QLD), Lynchmada (QLD), Anger in Motion (QLD), The Dead (QLD), Sakkuth (QLD), State of Integrity (QLD) & Defamer (QLD)

Tickets on sale NOW at
Oztix 1300 762 545, Arena Online www.arenaonline.com.au, Skinnys, Rockinghorse, Butterbeats, Central Station, Moshpit, Music Mania, Sunflower & the Great Northern Hotel.

For further information, interviews and images please contact
Nerida Matthaei on 0410 560 921 or nerida@ abductionproductions.com.au

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Aggressive inline skate???? Anyone??? [Feb. 10th, 2007|11:35 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

[Current Location |Bedroom]
[Current Mood |hyperhyper]
[Current Music |Alanis]

Anyone out there who is into aggressive street blading? I’m looking for some places i can go crack some rails in Brisbane or whatever... The whole skate park thing was ok when i was in high skool but the idea of going to one these days is just... Wrong. So if anyone wants to hit the streets or knows of some good places to skate holla :~)
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(no subject) [Nov. 2nd, 2006|07:46 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

[Current Mood |creative]
[Current Music |Last Night I Saved An Angel - Necromantix]

Calling all Models and Hair & Make-Up Artists! 
((Especially you wanna-bes!))

First of:: I am NOT looking for professionals. 

Here's the deal:: I don't want people with a zillion credentials who are going to charge the earth. Basically I want pretty girls and clever hair and make-up artists who willing to do this basically free of charge. You'll recieve whichever photos you'd like of the photoshoot tho for your portfolio. ((This will be the first photoshoot ever for my business, and so we havn't sold anything yet because no one knows what it looks like, therefore, we have no money :) ))

And this is why:: I've JUST started my own label, and I need some alternative-looking ((you don't NEED to have tatts and piercings, although it would be incredibly aweosme if you did)) models to model my shit. I make rock'n'roll, 50s-inspired clothing with a modern feel to it for boys an girls ((as in grown-ups, not chldren...)). Eventually this will expand to a more wider range of sub-cultures, but for now, this is where we are. We are a registered and ABN'd business, and the website and logo are currently in the works :)

If your interested, please contact Max California through this Lj and you'll be sent an email with further details :)

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Zombiewalk '06 [Apr. 2nd, 2006|08:57 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3


Zombiewalk '06 happened today, April 2 in Brisbane. Although roughly 150 signed up to go, a massive 500-600 zombies gathered at Roma Street Parklands and shambled down through King George Square and Queens St. Mall, disrupting peace protests and dumfounding shoppers.

I spent most of the time snapping as much as I could and being gnawed on by the undead. It was absolutely unbelievable. I've uploaded all the best ones, as well as some mediocre shots that help illustrate how amazing it all was. Please excuse some of the blur - the afternoon sun made it difficult for me to get pictures sometimes. And everyone was moving so fast!


If you want extreme high res photos (so you can get them printed or enlarged), go to this Zombiewalk '06 post on my livejournal and comment with your email address! I will send non-watermarked pictures TOTALLY FREE OH GOD!!

(If you have any other Zombiewalk photos, it might be an idea to add them to the end of this post so we don't clutter it up for people who aren't interested. Just a suggestion, ignore me if you want to!)

(this has been x-posted)
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2006|08:38 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3
Image hosting by Photobucket
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2005|03:40 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

Come one, come all.. All Brissie Lj'ers are cordially invited to join the
Brisbane Livejournal Meetup Group!

We're having the next meetup on Saturday 27th August @ The Pancake Manor - eat some pancakes, play some pool, catch up with some familiar friends and make some new friends too!
At this meetup we'll be deciding when, where and how often to have our next meetups... so don't miss out..

To RSVP, please go and join up at http://livejournal.meetup.com/75/

Please feel free to repost this message, it would be great to get as many Brisbane LJ'ers there as possible!
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2005|07:56 pm]
Emo kids in Brisbane. <3

let's face it, BRISBANE IS "THIS FUCKING BIG". we all know it. who hasn't gone to introduce their friend to someone at a gig or event only to find out that they already know each other "from that project where they worked on that thing with that person, and gees it was fun"

brisbane_is is about just that, the amusingly and sometimes scary interconnectedness in brisbane. it's a space for people in brisbane to engage, discuss and ignore each other. it's not meant to take away from brisneyland or brisvegas or any other brisbane based lj community, it is simply meant to offer a space for stuff like promotion of upcoming events, upcoming gigs, talks or lectures that might be worth going to. it'a a place to slag of the council if you like, or talk about how crappy the 3am lock out is.

link up to brisbane_is now. all the cool kids are doing it!
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